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We supply and sell spare parts and tools for a wide range of refrigeration units including, indus-. A. Compressor Terminals. C = Common. R = Run. S = Start. Electrical components are supplied unassembled.

Ne2134gk start components

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LRA: N/A. Hp: 1/2 HP. Voltage: 115V. -- 1 N/A. Refrigerant: R404A. Weight: 25 lbs. Dimensions: W6.5" x L4" x H8". Standard Shipping: $35.00. ne2134gk lbp 1/2 1,893 nek2134gk lbp 1/2 1,948 nek2134gk lbp 1/2 1,948 nek2150gk lbp 1/2+ 2,493 nek2150gk lbp 1/2+ 2,493 t2155gk lbp 1/2+ 2,330 nt2168gkv lbp 3/4 2,628 t2168gk lbp 3/4 3,008 nt2168gk lbp 3/4 2,628 nt2168gkv lbp 3/4 2,628 t2178gk lbp 1 3,644 nt2180gkv lbp 1 3,822 nt2180gk lbp 1 3,822 The Power To Start. Air Starter Components, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of air starters, aftermarket replacement components and certified remanufactured starters for use across the ASC brand and other well-known air starter makes and models, like Ingersoll-Rand and TDI. Embraco ColDesign for Europe Quick and precise refrigeration load for your cold room. Realize your project with only one tool.


Cooling capacity at ASHRAE conditions, R404A/R507: 2,08 kW. Cooling capacity at EN12900 MT conditions, R404A/R507 We’ll start with creating just static components for these Login and Home views, without wiring these up with any services or data at this point. Embraco NEK2134GK1 - 1949 BTU Compressor Refrigeration 1/2 HP (115V) - 1949 BTU Compressor Refrigeration 1/2 HP (115V) Features: Direct replacement compressors for Whirlpool, GE and Electrolux appliances.

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Cooling capacity at ASHRAE conditions, R404A/R507: 2,08 kW. Cooling capacity at EN12900 MT conditions, R404A/R507 Prie -25°C 427W, prie -10 °C 833W Analogai: ACC MP12FB EMBRACO / ASPERA NE2134GK DANFOSS / SECOP SC12CL LUNITE HERMETIQUE /TECUMSEH AE14/CAE2417Z Kompresorius EMBRACO / ASPERA, NE2134GK, Ne2134gk relay Food service parts at unbeatable prices! High starting torque low temp with relay. Start Cap Cover and POE oil . FLA - Full Load Amperage HBP (Hz). Order from Heritage Parts the leading online provider of OEM commercial kitchen replacement parts. The 2009-10-17 Competitive Cross Reference.

Follow the instructions detailed under Set up core components to import the solution either into your Production or your Dataverse for Teams environment. It compresses and circulates the R134a refrigerant that transfers heat from the inside of the cooling cabinet to the outside. The Embraco/Aspera NEK6212Z is a reliable replacement compressor that will allow you to profit once again from your True refrigerator or prep table. The Embraco/Aspera NEK6212Z includes overload, relay, and start capacitor. Element Plus, a Vue 3 based component library for developers, designers and product managers Streamlit Component Templates. This repo contains templates and example code for creating Streamlit Components. For complete information, please see the Streamlit Components documentation!
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Ne2134gk start components

Type dcomcnfg in the text box and click OK. 2. Click on Component Services > Computers > My Computer Docisite shell to handle multi-version support and redirects, should not be the end content for users cube-ui Document - GitHub Pages Se hela listan på github.com Bootstrap widgets for Angular: autocomplete, accordion, alert, carousel, dropdown, pagination, popover, progressbar, rating, tabset, timepicker, tooltip, typeahead Web Components are generally available in all of the major browsers with the exception of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11, but polyfills exist to fill in those gaps. Referring to any of these as Web Components is technically accurate because the term itself is a bit overloaded.

This blog post will present a set of custom controls built using the new PowerApps component feature for Canvas apps. As a prerequisite, check out Yifie Wang’s blog post introducing the PowerApps components feature and Brian Dang’s “start your journey with components” blog post that includes instructions on importing/exporting components and more. compressor ASPERA NEK2134GK | NEK 2134 GK, temperature application range LBP: -40 C to -10 C, nominal output: 464W, energy consumption: 2.35 A, refrigerant: R404A r-22 are36c3 ne6195e m/hbp 1/2 4,378 3,680 are43c3 ne6210e m/hbp 1/2 4,640 4,080 are59c3 ne9213e m/hbp 3/4 6,543 5,780 description: comp, ne2134gk #952ag92d8ay 115v 60hz includes: 842474 overload, relay, 842464 start capacitor.
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Manufacturer Part number: SL300951466. Part number: ES0129. SKU: 3916732134 . Voltage: 230V. Frequency: 50Hz COMPRESSOR TECHNICAL DATA D - PERFORMANCE - CHECK POINT DATA TEST CONDITIONS:-23.3°C (-9.94°F) (Condensing temperature 1584 399 464 358 2.35 10.74 4.42 1.11 1.30 EMBRACO Compressor NE2134GK / NEK2134GK. Brand new in the box! RRP $450 .



Emerson offers the most comprehensive product information in the industry via our online product information (OPI) tool. Buy True 914024 Start Component Kit, Ne2134Gk, 9" Height, 9" Width, 7" Length: Refrigerators - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Find OEM True 914024 Start Component Kit, NE2134GK replacement part at Parts Town with fast same day shipping on all in-stock orders until 9pm ET. The True 842513 (replaces True 842160) compressor includes one 842627 start capacitor, one 842626 overload, and one 842628 relay. True Part Number: 842513 Manufacturer: Embraco Aspera Embraco Compressor Relay NE2134GK .